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Jiangsu Zhongke Machinery Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise integrating the design and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment, the design and manufacturing of pressure vessels, and the manufacturing of non-standard equipment. Its subsidiary is Nantong Zhongke Water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd. (South-Korean Joint Venture). In today’s world, energy shortages and environmental pollution are increasingly becoming prominent issues affecting human development. Effective environmental protection measures are one of the important symbols of measuring the economic development, social civilization, technological progress and ecological harmony of a country. Since the launch of the reform and opening up policy, the rapid economic development and environmental pollution has been presented in front of us very prominently. Haze in the air, river pollution, atmospheric warming, and melting glaciers… the Earth that human being live on has been riddled with problems, which is a human tragedy.

  Zhongke people firmly believe that scientific and technological progress and innovation are the decisive factor in promoting environmental protection and to reduce environmental protection costs and reduce environmental protection energy consumption is the direction of our struggle. The environmental protection industry must beat together with the rhythm of the pulse of the rapid development of China, and walks in the front of the tides of fully implementing the Scientific Outlook on Development, building a harmonious society and building ecological civilization.

  Over the years, Zhongke has never given up non-standard equipment manufacturing, which is what the enterprise does initially. Zhongke adheres to cooperating with foreign well-known enterprises with the best quality, constantly learning the management experience of excellent enterprises, and improving the development direction of the enterprise. The Master of Go Hideyuki Fujisawa once said: the more the known circles are, the longer the ignorant boundary is. It is the same with market changes. But the continuous investment to the production and R&D of machinery and lasting commitment to customers of Zhongke are remain the same: Zhongke will further be committed to making customers cope with market changes rapidly and accurately, and develop in depth and breadth in term of product, region and industry. Focusing on the development strategy of “Change according to Demand, More Refined and More Special”, Zhongke has launched a series of measures on technological innovation.

  Perseverant is not stubborn. Zhongke people never forget their initial wishes because they want to retain their tradition of being down-to-earth and diligent. In recent years, Zhongke has introduced lots of domestic and overseas talents, set up an R&D team and developed world-class environmental protection devices with independent property rights. In the future, Zhongke sincerely hopes to join hands with all walks of life in the society to accelerate and promote the progress of environmental protection technology, further improve the scale of China’s energy-saving, environmental protection and recycle energy technology level and application and constantly enhance the sustainable development ability of the society and make the future of both the earth and human beings better by taking ensuring economic development as the core, taking technological innovation as support and taking saving resources and energy sources, strengthening environmental protection and optimizing the energy structure as the key.

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