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Company Profile

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Jiangsu Zhongke Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Zhongke) is a high-tech business integrating scientific research, design, production and marketing into a whole with an area of 38,000m2 and a construction area of 22,000m2. Main business of Zhongke involves in the R&D and manufacturing of environmental protection devices (for treatment of waste water and waste gases), design and manufacturing of pressure vessels (stainless steel reactor, heat exchangers, cylinders, and oxygen filters), and non-standard manufacturing. Zhongke adheres to promoting industry upgrade through innovation, and ensuring product quality through lean production. So far, it has obtained the manufacturing licenses for Class-I and II pressure vessel special equipment issued by the Technical Supervision Bureau of the People’s Republic of China. As the long-term partner of Durr, Eisenmann of Germany and other transnational industry-leading enterprises, Zhongke has been devoted to the development of China’s environmental protection cause over the years. In addition, by combining its own advantages, it has also introduced advanced technologies at home and abroad, incorporated a scientific research team, developed a series of complete efficient energy-saving equipment and made great contribution to water pollution treatment and atmospheric pollution prevention and control. The major products include:

  1. Environmental Protection Equipment

  Wastewater treatment mainly involves in integrated equipment for decentralized wastewater treatment (MBBR-MBR compound technology), 4FM efficient fiber processing modules (tertiary treatment), etc. and all the equipment adopts world-advanced technologies and is leading in the industry.

  Waste gas treatment mainly involves in heat accumulating type regenerative thermal incinerators (RTO), direct-fired furnaces (TO), air heaters, hot oil heat exchangers, hot air heat exchangers, and activated carbon adsorption and desorption equipment, with rather prominent VOC removal efficiency, thermal efficiency, reliability and stability. Zhongke is not only an environmental protection equipment supplier but also a supplier of environmental technologies and rationalized environmental solutions. Zhongke will analyze the characteristics of production technology, wastewater (waste gas) and energy use patterns of customers comprehensively, and based on which, provides the best solutions by taking comprehensive environmental protection energy and other factors into account.

  II. Pressure Vessels

  The major products of pressure vessels include stainless steel reactors, heat exchangers, gas tanks, oxygen filters, etc. In addition to the company’s set models of products, Zhongke also can design and make all kinds of non-standard Class-I and II pressure vessels according to customers’ requirements.

  3. Non-standard Manufacturing

  Non-standard manufacturing products mainly include pre-treatment electrophoresis tanks used in the automobile manufacturing industry, design and manufacturing of non-standard steel structure chimneys, manufacturing of industrial kiln stoves and cars, non-standard manufacturing (including installation) of complete sets of waste gas treatment equipment (RTO) and the manufacturing of steel structures of various non-standard devices.



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